General Resources

A Blessing for Bad News?
A God Who Needs Blessing (Talmud)
A God Who Takes Place (midrash)
Amichai – After Many Years of Life (poem)
Amichai – And Who Will Remember (poem)
Amichai – Days of Hesed (poem)
Amichai – Every Person Is A Dam (poem)
Amichai – From The Place (poem)
Amichai – Gathered To The Ancestors (poem)
Amichai – God Full of Compassion (poem)
Amichai – God of The Steps (poem)
Amichai – I Am A Kosher Person (poem)
Amichai – I and Jerusalem (poem)
Amichai – Inside the Outside (poem)
Amichai – Miracles (poem)
Amichai – My Father Was God (poem)
Amichai – My Experiences Are Like Jars (poem)
Amichai – Names Recycled (poem)
Amichai – Private and Public Prayer (poem)
Amichai – Remembering and Forgetting (poem)
Amichai – Searching for God’s Face (poem)
Amichai – She is Free (poem)
Amichai – So Will I Be Magnified and Sanctified (poem)
Amichai – Taking Place (poem)
Amichai – The Angel Who Redeems (poem)
Amichai – The Bible That Belongs To Me (poem) 
Amichai – The Jews (poem)
Amichai – The Year of Forgetting (poem)
Amichai – Two Generations of Forgetting (poem)
Amichai – When I Was Young (poem)
Amichai – Windows And Gravestones (poem)
Angels’ Point of View (Talmud story)
A New Torah – Levi Yitzhak and Rivka Miriam
A Time for Tearing and Mending
Bearing Loss
Before And Within – Berachot 7a
Believing That These Texts Belong (Mishnah)
Blessing for Bad News
Candle and Soul
C.K. Williams – Invisible Mending (poem)
Commanded Community or Virtuous Volunteers (Talmud story)
Demanding Silence
Does A Beracha Need A Form? (midrash)
Early Mourning (Pirke Avot, Berachot, Maimonides)
Education, Fantasy and Feeling (Talmud)
Echoes from an Inner Place (Talmudic story)
Elijah Blue Prints
From Clenched Fist to Open Hand (midrash)
From Time to Time I Pray
Giving in the Doorway (Talmudic story – Mar Ukba)
God Full of Compassion – Memorial Prayer
Gouri – Legacy (poem)
Guard Your Lives (beracha and story)
He Was A Kosher Person (Mishnah)
Hesed and Pharaoh’s Daughter
Hesed, Not Sacrifice (midrash)
Holding By Letting Go (Talmud story)
Honoring Fragile Strength
How Much Have I Learned!
If Only They Would Abandon Me
Imagining the End of Moses (midrash)
Isaac’s Eyes Genesis Rabbah 65.10
Jacob’s World to Come (poem)
Jacobsen – Let Each Man Remember (poem)
Kiddush for Erev Shabbat (Prayer)
Leah Goldberg – From My Mother’s House (poem)
Leave Taking – Berachot
Let Me In (Midrash)
Like Clay to the Prophet and to the Poet
Limits of Community Mourning
Loving Reflections
Making Miracles
Merits and Melodies – Nahman of Bratzlav
Miracles – Amichai
Mishnah Eduyot Makhloket
Monumental Presence (midrash)
Mourner’s Kaddish
Neither Right Nor Left (biblical and rabbinic texts)
Pagis – Conversation (poem)
Piercy – The Art of Blessing the Day (poem)
Piercy – Kaddish (poem)
Pinhas-Cohen – Shem HaMeforash/A Distinct Name (poem)
Questionable Miracles – Unquestionable Stories
Rayah Harnick – The Pain (poem)
Rayah Harnick – Time (poem)
Re-collected Life
Regret and Return  (Maimonides)
Rising Like a Lion (Shulhan Arukh)
Risking the Red Sea (midrash)
Rivka Miriam – God’s Names (poem)
Rivka Miriam – I Was in the Place (poem)
Rivka Miriam – In the Inner Room (poem)
Rivka Miriam – Midnight at the Rabbi’s Door (poem)
Rivka Miriam – Naming God (poem)
Rivka Miriam – One Day the Torah Will Leave Us (poem)
Rivka Miriam – Semblance of Mountain (poem)
Rivka Miriam – Sukkot (poem)
Rivka Miriam – The Beauty of the Jar (poem)
Rivka Miriam – The Pit (poem)
Rivka Miriam – The Poems Here Are About Our Family (poem)
Rivka Miriam – The Works of My Hands (poem)
Seeing Sound, Hearing Sight (midrash)
Seven Days of Community Mourning
Sickbed and Sinai Talmud
Soul Existence (Talmud)
Standing Between The Living And The Dead
Sufficient Meaning (Torah and Rashi)
Tears of Grief (Maimonides)
The Company of Shabbat Angels (Talmudic story and song)
The Image and the Guest
The Lame, the Blind, and the King (parable)
The Place at the Center (Talmudic story)
The Telling Story (story, poem)

Three Stories of Forgiveness (Talmud)
Two Shiva Stories
Where Miracles Take Place (Pirke Avot)
Williams – Invisible Mending (poem)
Yosef Who Honors Shabbat (Talmudic story)
Zelda – A Heavy Silence (poem)
Zelda – Everyone Has A Name (poem)
Zelda – In the Shade of the Oak (poem)
Zelda – That I Heard At Sinai (poem)
Zelda – You Are Mistaken (poem)