Shabbaton 2020

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A Great Web Of Being
August 6-9, 2020

We stand in a great web of being joined together.
Let us praise, let us love the life we are lent
passing through us is the body of Israel
and our own bodies, let’s say amen.

–Marge Piercy, “Kaddish”

The 2020 Sicha Shabbaton in the Mountains will give us an opportunity to explore how Jewish imagination moves life ever-forward through story, poetry, and prayer. How can we remember the past and constantly renew ourselves as we rely upon the conditions of each new day? How do we acknowledge what has healed and let go of what has not? And how do we imagine life eternally vibrant, beyond resilience and renewal?

Join us as, together, we explore these themes. High in the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounded by spectacular views, we hope to experience a lively Shabbat weekend including small group discussions, prayer services, nature walks, mountain art and music, and relaxation time on the Wildacres porch! Join us for a weekend of learning and explore ancient stories that guide us toward resilience and renewal in A Great Web Of Being!


More information coming soon. Registration begins April 1. 

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