Rabbinic Kallah 2020

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SAVE THE DATE:  May 11-15, 2020

The annual Sicha Rabbinic Retreat will take place May 11-15 2020, at Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, NC. During that time, we will explore the theme

Mechayei Hametim:
Life Among—And Beyond—Our Losses


Mechayei HaMetim names God as the one who “gives life to the dead.” In some prayer books, it appears three times in the Amidah; in others, it does not appear at all. Regardless, Mechayei HaMetim remains in the vocabulary of Jewish religious imagination as an attribute of supreme, life-giving power that resists understanding as well as abandonment.

With classical texts, modern poetry, hevruta learning, journaling, and quiet contemplation, we will explore this powerful theme. During the kallah there will be generous time for our small community to enjoy the majestic surroundings of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge mountains!

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Leave-Taking: The Paradox of Parting

A rabbi, as a public steward and as a private soul, asks: How do I take leave of someone for the final time? What part of that visit do I take with me? What do I leave behind?  Does leave-taking promote growth for the visitor? For the visited?

Jewish tradition has many stories of leave-taking that explore both the vitality and the vulnerability of that moment when physical life fails—but living succeeds.

Our stories offer wise shelter, inviting us to enter and inhabit all the true roles that have been and could be our own; each of us the master, the student, the anticipating mourner of the household, and a member of the community.

Professor Melila Helner-Eshed and Rabbi Steven Sager guided our exploration in 2019 of the theme with classical texts, modern poetry, hevruta learning, journaling, and quiet contemplation in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. 

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