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Slowly, And In Our Days

In a fiery chariot that rose towards heaven, Elijah disappeared from ordinary view and broke into Jewish religious imagination—now appearing at just the right moment, to prompt, protect, and provoke us to deepen ordinary events into Elijah Moments. As a … Continue reading

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Raised, Not Razed

Here in a place where a ruin wants once more to be a new house, its desire increases our own…. Everything here is busy with the work of remembering: the ruin remembers… (Click here for complete Amichai poem in Hebrew … Continue reading

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Sicha Shabbaton 2012

Sicha celebrated its most successful Shabbaton yet, as we studied about Elijah, the Prophet.  By the time our Shabbaton community bade farewell to Elijah on Saturday night, he had become a presence more alive to us and within us.  Join … Continue reading

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The Fragrance of Paradise

Rabbah bar Abbuha met Elijah standing in a cemetery. He cried to Elijah:  I am too poor to take time for learning as I would like. Elijah led him into the Garden of Eden and said to him: Take off … Continue reading

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Tall Tales and Worthy Quest(ion)s

Can we allow an ancient story to tell itself on its own terms?  Are we willing to invite a story’s images without insisting upon its meanings?  Can we meet the gaze of a story, assuring it with our questions that … Continue reading

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Elijah, May He Be Remembered for Good

In the religious imagination of the Rabbis, Elijah, the prophet, appears as a traveler, a warrior, a beggar, an Arab merchant, a prostitute, a sage.  He oftentimes appears in the doorway (as during the Passover Seder), at the mouth of … Continue reading

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