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Wholly Complete And Holy Incomplete

The Torah’s first creation story concludes: Va-yechulu…And the heaven and the earth and all of their ranks were finished. And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done and rested on the seventh day from all … Continue reading

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Sicha Shabbaton 2012

Sicha celebrated its most successful Shabbaton yet, as we studied about Elijah, the Prophet.  By the time our Shabbaton community bade farewell to Elijah on Saturday night, he had become a presence more alive to us and within us.  Join … Continue reading

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The Angels’ Point of View

Two ministering angels accompany a man on Shabbat eve as he comes home from the synagogue—one good angel and one bad.  And when he returns to the house and finds the lamp lit, the table arranged and the bed made … Continue reading

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