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Jerusalem And The Held Back Scream

The Jerusalem Talmud recounts:  When David came to dig the foundations of the Temple he dug fifteen thousand cubits but had not reached the Deep.  Finally, he uncovered a cluster of stones and was about to lift it when one rock … Continue reading

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Raised, Not Razed

Here in a place where a ruin wants once more to be a new house, its desire increases our own…. Everything here is busy with the work of remembering: the ruin remembers… (Click here for complete Amichai poem in Hebrew … Continue reading

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Yerushalayim: A Pronounced Hope

The name, Jerusalem/Yerushalayim, evokes meaning beyond what the word can contain.  Since ancient times, what sounds like the dual plural ending of her name—ayim—has suggested that she is, after all, two cities. She is real estate and also unreal, a … Continue reading

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My Blindness and Jerusalem’s Limp

I and Jerusalem are like a blind man and a cripple. She sees for me Out to the Dead Sea, out to the end of days. While I hoist her on my shoulders And walk blind in my darkness below. … Continue reading

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