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Where Shall We Put The Sign?

In the “movie version” of the Passover story, we watch the people of Israel paint the blood of the Passover offering on their doors as a sign that marks their houses for protection against what will be the last of … Continue reading

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Making Passover: By the Story or by the Book?

Some people learn best from stories; some prefer the rule book:  “I can’t keep a list of rules in my head.  Tell me the story and I’ll figure out what to do.”  Or, “spare me the story and just tell … Continue reading

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Telling and Being Told By the Story

In each and every generation a person is obliged to see himself as if he has gone out from Egypt.  (Passover Haggadah) Each person must bring an as if to the Pesah Seder.  The as if that I bring allows … Continue reading

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