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Naming The Unimaginable

At the harrowing end, a ram replaced Yitzhak as the sacrifice; a narrow escape that came only after two divine interventions to divert father Abraham from his unimaginable mission. Generations of rabbinic storytellers imagined even narrower escapes for Yitzhak, placing … Continue reading

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Forgetting Reminds Me…

The national election created in me a deep sense that I wanted to meet and speak with more of my neighbors. In my busy-ness, it’s easy to walk past the community of the every-day. That seems wrong to me now. … Continue reading

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Naming the Angel

At the end of a night-long struggle, Jacob earned a new name from his assailant—Israel, the one who prevailed over God. In return, Jacob asked:  Please tell me your name.  And he replied:  Why do you ask my name? (Genesis … Continue reading

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The World is Filled with Remembering and Forgetting

In the world of the Bible, memory is prized.  There are many commands to “remember,” and some, “not to forget” along with the resigned admission that you likely will forget.  The need to remember and remind is a theme that … Continue reading

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The Poet’s Response

What follows is a further conversation (see blog of Aug. 17) between the Israeli poet, Rivka Miriam, concerning a poem studied at Sicha Shabbaton: Rivka, I want to share a bit more response of the Sicha Shabbaton community to your … Continue reading

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Conversing with the Poet

What follows is the beginning of a conversation between myself and Rivka Miriam, a wonderful poet who lives in Jerusalem.  One of Rivka’s poems (click here for poem) made a moving contribution to the theme of the recent Sicha Shabbaton … Continue reading

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A God By Any Other Name

What is the power that resides in a name? Is it true that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet? Why do I gain power over you if I discover that your name is ‘Rumpelstiltskin,’? The ancient … Continue reading

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