Rabbinic Kallah 2016

Rabbinic Kallah 2016b

The conversation about
prayer questions and quests.


The Psalmist sang:  Va’ani tefilati….both literally and boldly, I am my prayer. At the Sicha Rabbinic Kallah 2016, we  considered the implications of this claim, asking:

Does my life lead me to prayer?
Does prayer lead me to my life?
Am I a pray-er?
Can I be a private pray-er in a public space?
How do I enable others to pray?

A rabbi, often viewed as an exemplar and embodiment of prayer, might not feel like a “prayer-come-to-life,” or always feel like a competent pray-er. How can a rabbi better join prayer texts to life contexts? How can a rabbi fuse form to feeling and join spirit to expression? Using the Sicha paradigm of conversation, interaction, reflection and responsiveness, we were able to engage classical and contemporary texts, as well as engaging each other, in our learning.

  • Dates:  March 14-17, 2016
  • Place:  Trinity Center, Emerald Isle, NC 
  • Cost:  $350 (double occupancy), $475 (single occupancy). Fee includes lodging, vegetarian/fish meals (kosher by ingredients), and program. 

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