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B’almah: Living with Loss in the World

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B’almah, an initiative of Sicha,
        promotes conversations between ancient texts and the lived experience of loss.

B’almah provides opportunities, as the kaddish says, 
        to live loss back into the world as it was made to be…
                b’almah di-v’ra khir’utei

Living in the presence of loss constitutes a response that is higher than all blessings, songs, praises, or consolations utterable in the world: l’eylah min kol bir-khata, v’shirata, tush-bechata, v’nechemata d’amiran b’almah…” Loss brings individuals, families, and communities into the conversation between ancient traditions and lived experience.

That conversation is as persistent as loss, itself. In the deepest moments, persistence is matched by insistence and anxiety:  Now, at the pressing moment, I do not know how to speak to the ancient traditions. What do you have for me? Can I speak your language? Can you speak mine?

B’almah promotes the search for a common language…. The ancient is not insulated, the contemporary is not isolated. Conversation builds partnerships between fellow travelers both contemporary and ancient, forging a language-in-action for communities.

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