Shabbaton 2018

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May Memory Be A Blessing!

And her new family name
like everyone else is:
Mayhermemorybeablessing (Amichai/Sager)

May memory be a blessing! Such is the hope, the prayer, the invitation, and—sometimes—the challenge to everyone whose shared goal that memory be a blessing makes all of us kin of the same family name. Does memory become a blessing in solitude? Or in community? What if the “raw materials” of memory do not allow for the transformation? What are the memories that acquire new and renewed blessing?

Join us as, together, we explore turning memory into blessing. High in the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounded by spectacular views, we hope to experience a lively Shabbat weekend including small group discussions, prayer services, nature walks, mountain music, and relaxation time on the Wildacres porch! Join us for a weekend of learning and blessing. And may we turn the blessing of our gathering into memory!


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The 2018 fee for adults is $350 (based on double occupancy) and includes kosher meals, rooming, and program. There is a single supplement of $75. Children under 12 are half price (no children’s program or childcare provided). Click here for more general Shabbaton information. Register now! 

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