Shabbaton 2017

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DREAMS: Image and Imagination

Six great sages faithfully carried the wondrous story in the name of an elder whose name had been forgotten: There were 24 dream interpreters in Jerusalem. Once, I had a dream and I went to all of them. Each one gave me a different meaning, and each one came true.

High in the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounded by spectacular views, you will experience a lively Shabbat weekend including small group discussions, prayer services, nature walks, mountain music, and relaxation time on the Wildacres porch! Join us for a weekend of learning and dreaming. Click here for more general Shabbaton information.

The fee for adults is $340 (based on double occupancy) and includes kosher meals, rooming, and program. Children under 12 are half price (no children’s program or childcare provided).

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What is our Shabbaton all about?
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For general Shabbaton information, click here.