Sichat Rabbanim:  a leadership enrichment project designed to help individual rabbis develop personal, creative, imaginative conversations with a uniquely chosen theme of classical texts.  Sichat Rabbanim promotes rabbis’ personal growth as well as offering programmatic benefit for a rabbi’s home community.  More information can be found here.

Tevunah:  a monthly conversation exploring the power of speech in an ancient text tradition that is founded upon “makhloket,” creative disagreement. Primarily, Tevunah participants are Jewish professionals in the fields of organizational development, dispute settlement, conflict resolution, and education who bring their training and experience into conversation with classical sources.

B’almah:  a project to explore the richness of Jewish traditions—ancient and modern—that move loss towards the creative renewal of individual, family and community life.  Participants explore texts dealing with loss, bringing those texts to their own experiences and testing the tradition’s value as a personal resource.  More information can be found here.

Torah of the Door:  an initiative engaging non-Jewish members of the Jewish community in conversations with Jewish traditions identifying classical values and insights that confirm their investment in Jewish family and communal life.

Beyond Belief:  an ongoing inquiry into the proposition that “belonging,” not “believing,” is the fundamental feature of Jewish identity.

Sicha Shabbaton:  a mountain retreat weekend filled with learning in the company of ritual, song, and prayer where participants bring their own lived experience into dialog with Jewish texts that address an annual theme.  The Sicha Shabbaton takes place in August at Wildacres Retreat in western NC.   The Shabbaton has become a widely known regional resource for building communities of learning throughout the eastern seaboard.  More information may be found here.

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